Modafinil Blog is Back (and Some Industry Updates)

What a journey it has been! In the past year, we have served more than 5,000 people on forums, social media, and our newly opened physical store in Tehran, Iran, but we really haven’t had much time to keep our website up due to time constraints, mainly the launch of our physical store.

Modafinil Blog is proud to be the only online provider of Modafinil information that doesn’t just hide behind a screen name on the internet, but has an actual physical presence where you can some and see our products, including our latest and greatest book Modafinil for Beginners, by Alex Cress, M.D., and David Welsh, PhD – co-founders and CEO and COO, respectively, of Modafinil Blog.

In the year that we’ve been gone, there have been quite a few developments in the industry that we’d like to comment on. The main one being the disappearance of ModafinilCat, the largest name in the industry and go-to source for Modafinil for most individuals using it for the off-label cognitive enhancing properties that we as a community have come to know and love. While we are sad to hear the news from Neko and the rest of his team in regards to the shut down of the site, we are glad to report that the shutdown was done in a manner that was structured and proper, not an exit scam. All users who ordered before the shutdown date received their parcels, and those who requested reships or refunds on intercepted packages had their requests fulfilled as well.

We are glad to announce that although ModafinilCat has disappeared, Modafinil is still readily available. While there are many sketchy pharmacy sites providing the drug, the community has favored as the new trusted source for buying Modafinil online. They provide all of the favorites that ModafinilCat did, namely Modalert and Modvigil for Modafinil, and Artvigil and Waklert for Armodafinil. The team behind has also announced the acquisition of and and plans to create it into a resource for beginners wanting to learn to use Modafinil for its off-label cognitive enhancing properties. The Modafinil Blog team, having authored Modafinil for Beginners just recently, is looking forward to reading (and critiquing!) the information provided. That all being said, Modafinil for Beginners is a physical guide sold in the form of a book, and we are happy to see resources like fill in the gap and deliver this information through another medium to ensure that it gets in the hands of as many people as possible. At the end of the day, we’re a community that wants to see a transition from harmful drugs like Adderall to (much) safer alternatives like Modafinil, and if we can educate and induct new Modafinil users through whatever means possible, we can only grow from it.

Modafinil Blog is happy to see the community grow, and we are glad to announce our return after the long hiatus. Expect to see more from us, and for those on our email list, keep an eye out for new posts and information coming soon.

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